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We all have a story. We are all born into a family. We are all part of a family soul. These family souls contain collected data of the past generations of people, places and events that affect our lives today—our Hidden Truths. Life's Hidden Truths, Systemic Family Work is a unique method of awakening our knowledge of our inherited family dynamics, personal dynamics and emotional patterns. Once these “behavioral genetics” are brought to “light”, a profound and deep healing process begins, giving way for a life changing journey of personal discovery and growth. Often a rapid shift takes place.
Through our DNA we inherit our physical attributes from our parents and other generational family members. What is less understood and unseen is that we also inherit an emotional legacy, our epigenetics, that can have a tremendous effect on our lives as well as our children‘s lives.
Through unconscious  loyalty and love to our family system, we can unknowingly become identified or merged with previous family members, often repeating their destructive patterns and manifesting similar afflictions and unresolved issues.

Hidden Truths come to surface when family patterns emerge as sudden illness or accidents, depression, physical or mental illness, persistent relationship conflicts, dysfunction, unexplained anxiety,addiction, adoption-issues and/or mother-daughter issues.


The good news is that all humans also inherit an incredible innate capacity to heal, both physically and emotionally. Life’s Hidden Truths Workshops has been inspired by 'Family Constellations', (the work of Dr. Bert Hellinger) and is facilitated by CarlaVan Walsum PhDc. Your Life's Hidden Truths can be revealed. By becoming aware of unhealthy patterns we can break free of our family-ties and find our own peace. We can be reconnected in a freeing, loving and healthy way to the very source of our lives and family.

Life’s Hidden Truths Workshops can be the turning point where your family inheritance is changed for good.

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